Welcome to Lane County Livestock Association
The Lane County Livestock Association (LCLA) was founded in 1939 and has operated continuously in Lane County since then. It is the primary association for beef cattle producers in Lane County and is associated with the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association. 

The LCLA has three primary functions. First, we serve as a social connection between producers. Second, we sponsor producer education. Third and very importantly we support youth programs through 4-H, FFA and the County Fair.

The LCLA has worked closely with OSU Extension after the closure of the traditional Extension office in Lane County and the rebirth of a Livestock Extension arrangement between the LCLA and the Western Oregon Livestock Agent. 

The LCLA sponsors a youth auction each year. It's the annual sale at the end of the County Fair where a variety of marketable animals are sold to the public.

The LCLA works closely with the Lane County Fair Board. The primary point of contact for county fair participants is the website at www.atthefair.com.
Upcoming Events
  Annual LCLA Picnic
Sunday, September 13, 2015 • 1:00 p.m. • At the Jim Sly Farm • 83727 Dale Kuni Rd. in Creswell, 97426.
Please bring a salad and/or dessert and chairs for yourself. We will provide hamburgers, hotdogs, condiments, plates and table service.

WE HOPE YOU CAN COME. For additional information please contact a board member.

  Monthly Breakfast Meetings
The LCLA monthly breakfast meetings will be starting soon. Information will be given when dates and speakers are finalized.
  Youth Producer of the Year
The LCLA started a new tradition in 2015 so that we could spotlight one of our Youth Producers at our Annual Dinner. Last year's winner was Kristina Roberts of Pleasant Hill.

The LCLA is pleased to honor a youth, 21 years and under, who is raising and producing livestock (cattle, goats, sheep and/or pigs), to be sold on the open market, shown at county/state fairs, entered in open competitions or some other similar event. The winner will be recognized at the Annual LCLA Dinner, receive a plaque, an embroidered coat, a free membership to the LCLA and a gift certificate from our sponsor(s). The top three applicants will receive their dinner free and a LCLA hat. You must be present at the Annual Dinner to win. The dinner will be held in January or February 2016 - TBA.

Remember that you are entering a competition and your application will be carefully compared to all the other applicants by a selection committee appointed by the LCLA Board. You need to complete the application; being careful of spelling, grammar and neatness. Your application must be filled out by you personally. If you are selected as one of the top 3 applicants you will be interviewed by the selection committee.

If you are interested in applying for this award, carefully read over and send us a written page providing the following information. Please include a short biography telling about yourself.


LCLA 2016 Youth Producers Award Application

City , State, and Zip Code
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Email Address

A. The following questions must be included in your application and answered in a brief, concise manner.

1. What kind of livestock do you raise?
2. How did you get started raising livestock?
3. How many animals have you raised and are currently raising?
4. Do you own these animals?
5. Why are you raising livestock? If there is more than one reason, please list them in order of importance to you.
6. What have you learned about responsibility and commitment while raising livestock?
7. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of raising livestock?
8. What are your goals and ambitions for raising livestock in the future?
9. Other information you want to share (pictures, awards, school activities, clubs, leadership roles, etc.)

B. You must include as part of your application, one recommendation from someone outside of your family. Ideally, this would be someone who has had experience with you as a livestock producer.

Please submit your application to:

Teresa Mathews
85731 Edenvale Rd.
Pleasant Hill, OR 97455

  Current Leadership:
  • President: Gordon Drake
  • Vice President: Ron Weiss
  • Treasurer: Kevin Smith
  • Secretary: Teresa Mathews
  Useful Documents:  
  Thank you for your interest in Lane county livestock association. Please let us know if we can do anything for you, or if you have any questions. We are always here to help in anyway that we can.
President: Gordon Drake
Vice President: Ron Weiss
Treasurer: Kevin Smith
Secretary: Teresa Mathews
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